Wireless temperature & humidity sensors

Wireless temperature & humidity environmental monitoring LB-M-INT- 10D

Temperature sensors designed for live monitoring of temperature and air humidity during tests in server rooms.

  • Ability to monitor parameters from 150 sensors
  • Live view of parameters from each sensor
  • Create charts and diagrams
  • Create alerts
  • Possibility of adapting the sensors to the plan/drawing of the server room
  • Wireless connection to the base station via WIFI
  • Dedicated operation/management software
  • Range: 100 m in open field, depends on local conditions of radio wave propagation: type and thickness of the walls and ceilings etc
  • Simple implementation                           

Temperature measurement:

  • measuring resolution: 0.1 °C
  • measurement accuracy: ±0.3 °C between 5-80 °C
  • reproducibility of measurement: ±0.1 °C
  • operating range: - 40 to 125°C

Humidity measurement:

  • measuring resolution: 0.04 %RH
  • measurement accuracy: ±2 %RH between 20-80 %RH
  • recurrence of measurement: ±0.1 %RH
  • operating range: 0 to100 %RH

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Delivery and Installation options:

  • Our standard services include: preparation of transport equipment and services, delivery
  • In addition, we can provide: local vision of the test site and preparation of assembly drawings, installations, disassembly, connection, load tests performed by qualified employees

Any questions call our rental team on +48 516 182 866 or email office@loadbanks.pl