DATA-Center examination of power infrastructure under 100% Energy load and more

AC power systems and air conditioning systems are the heart of maintaining the infrastructure at Data Center. Our philosophy of testing and maintenance is based on early detection and repair any faults before they become major problems and lead to a system failure or loss of power throughout the data center. Our company understands the crucial importance of these systems is necessary to ensure the effective and efficient operation of the plant.

Very important is to make sure that the newly built data center will operate 7 days a week 24 hours a day. The key to this is to ensure optimum performance of the power supply systems and sanitation support data center.

Understanding action power, knowledge of the ways of testing and maintenance instructions of devices is the basis, which allows to provide the maximum availability of the system and the safe use of the Data Centre.

Based on tests carried out with the assistance of station loads are the basis of good practices in the field of the correct startup systems and further maintenance. Perform tests using the drive loads (load bank) allows you to verify the correctness of the implementation of the installation and to ensure its reliable operation during the failure of the main power sources and the work of the operational center.

During the test shall be verified:

  • The correctness of the design and construction of infrastructure, power and air conditioning;
  • Chamber room in accordance with the requirements of the commercial;
  • Possibility of hiring built observation area;
  • The work of individual elements;
  • The correctness of the implementation and operation of the various components of the system;
  • The effectiveness of the systems of cooling room;
  • Selective exclusion of individual systems (tune of circuit breakers);
  • Validate interoperability of systems at full load and when exceeding the rated.

In the analysis of the choice of testing the installation, consider and ask yourself questions:

  • Would I am sure my investment is properly constructed and meet expectations?
  • Do I believe that systems are working correctly and it will not be necessary to limit the possibilities of the Centre?
  • Am I sure that all purchased will work with each other in accordance with the declarations of producers?
  • Is it possible to fill the data center (Data Center) to 100% of its possibilities without failure and corresponding tests?
  • Are you ready to change and add additional equipment exceeding 50%, 60%, 70%, 80% of the load safely without the risk of uncontrolled exemptions?
  • That ensured the selectivity of exemptions and excess capacity in one rack or row does not threaten other systems?
  • Are you sure that the system has a single point of failure?
  • If your air conditioning system is powerful and has the ability to maintain appropriate environmental conditions?
  • Whether electromagnetic fields produced by 100% load does not affect other systems low-current and Telecom?

This is a good place to put the facts from recent years:

  • In the world, 90% of Datacenters is tested under the partial and full load.
  • In Poland does not apply the test under full load,90% of the Datacenters tested only under partial load.
  • Most errors in execution occurs after the imposition of the room above 80% of the power of design.

If with any question there is any doubts, this shows only and exclusively that commencing of load test is desired.

Properly performed load tests of the entire infrastructure will achieve maximum performance and justify the investment in physical infrastructure.

Loadbanks company's mission is to minimize unscheduled emergency visits for equipment failure and maximize uptime of the entire infrastructure.

Since we are also designers and contractors systems data center we understand the direct problems of individual elements in the infrastructure. For our customers this represents a guarantee of services at the highest level.

In accordance with our schema operations (read here) performed the service may rely on a typical hire devices and plug them into the structure and preparation of comprehensive tests, measuring the quality of energy, thermic measuring with the presentation of a final report describing the performed tests.

Our offer is flexible and is based on the requirements of the user. We can meet any requirements and meet each of the tests proposed by the client.

For our part, we offer the typical tests for the server room:

  • test the entire infrastructure of Data Center at 100% load for 7 days
  • • test the entire infrastructure of Data Center in overload of 110% or more
  • • load tests of selected elements such as generators, UPS, STS device
  • • HVAC load tests (CRAC) in various configurations on the subject
  • exploitation load tests of UPS battery string - details...
  • operating load tests of generatorsh - details...
  • load tests before operating the expansion of facilities in the target device

During the tests we offer:

  • Typical electrical measurements and verification of measurements
  • Testing infrared camera power plants - details...
  • Power quality tests with registration relative to the switching load bank station time - details...

Our tests and verification are carried out under the supervision of the Polish Association of Power Engineers. Obtained report contains bedside the results of the test pictures, videos with studies, including a detailed description of the work carried out and their results. To verify the correct operation we use proven measuring equipment with current certifications such as:

  • Phase power quality Analyzer Fluke 430;
  • Infrared camera Fluke Ti25;
  • All-in-one test installation of the Fluke 1653;
  • DTX-1800 cable analyzer.