Power Quality analyzer Fluke 430 Series

Power Quality Analyzers Fluke 430 Series is a portable diagnostic devices for comprehensive multi-phase electricity supply networks. An additional advantage is the built-in oscilloscope and recorder for simultaneous recording voltage, harmonics, flicker, dips, swells and imbalances. Fluke 430 analyzers have easy-to-use menu that in easy and fast way allows you to use a lot of features and powerful capabilities for changing the settings. Extensive statistical analysis and provided as a standard for 434 model FlukeView software allow for convenient, comprehensive treatment and archiving of the collected data.

  • Measurement of all parameters of three-phase mains voltage, current, frequency, power, power consumption (energy), unbalance, flicker, harmonics (to 51 st). swings registration, surges and interference.
  • Built-in oscilloscope for measurement and waveform viewing of all voltages, currents, the parameters of the treatment phase, with the possibility of using the cursors and zoom function. Provides a graphical (chart Vector) show shifts between voltages and currents.
  • Surveillance system provides control over the quality of power signal parameters according to EN50160 or any parameters set manually.
  • AutoTrend allows for continuous automatic recording of network parameters and analysis.
  • Automatic display of transients. Automatically captures up to 40 dips, swells, interruptions and voltage.
  • Shock resistant, portable device that allows
  • 7 hours work on NiMH battery installed
  • Measurement methods in accordance with the standards EN50160, EN61000-4-30 Class A, EN61000-3-3, IEC61000-4-15, IEC61000-4-7