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Loadbanks means...

Our aim is to rent professional devices and providing solutions for load tests and analyses, thus to increase the efficiency and economy of electric systems and installations, including power supply systems.

At the moment, we are proud to have one of the biggest renting base of load banks dedicated for Data Centers in Europe with a total capacity of 15MW.

From few years we have a pleasure to cooperate with the Crestchic Loadbanks Ltd. within sales, service and rental of direct (DC) and alternating current (AC) load banks.

The main sectors of application of dedicated Loadbanks solutions are: facility management, energetics, maritime and shipbuilding industry as well as Data Centers in Poland, Europe and in the world.

Loadbanks is perfect
for wherever:
  • Exists a risk of power failure, which threatens productivity and safety
  • Daily operation costs matter and are central for the company’s competitiveness on the market
  • Savings leading to an increase in profitability of the business are looked for.

Why is it worth renting our devices? The load stations dedicated to Data Centers that we offer were designed and manufactured by our team.

The offer also includes professional resistive loads for direct and alternating currents (DC, AC) and resistive-reactant loads for direct current (DC).

Additional supportservices

Long experience and a team of specialists, technicians and certified experts

  • On-site verification of the test site and preparation of assembling schemes,
  • Preparation of Risk Assessment analyses,
  • Preparation of Method statements,
  • Complete project management,
  • 24-hour support during the work,
  • Dedicated LoadBanks


In its scope of services, Loadbanks guarantees professional transportation, delivery and assembly of the rented equipment

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