Sonel Multifunction Insulation, Loop, RCD, Ground Resistance & Power Tester

The latest generation of multi-function meter for measuring the performance of all electrical installation according to PN-EN 61557 (fault loop impedance with an accuracy of up to 0.001 Ω - the accurate measurement of the circuits with RCD, RCD parameters, insulation resistance, grounding resistance, continuity, connections protective and compensatory). Meter stand measuring earth powerful functions (additional clamp method and soil resistivity), automatic insulation resistance measurements in the slots and ( AutoISO add+on) for cables 3 -, 4 - and 5 - core, to measure the continuity and the ability to measure light intensity, registration and analysis of the network (including the harmonics to the 40th).
The device features an innovative memory, allowing tens of thousands of record results in the structure of the final protocol (CLIENT - PROPERTY - SPACE - MEASURING POINT) of reported points (on-screen keyboard and wireless on the wrist strap).

  • Measurement of fault loop impedance ZL-PE, ZL-N, ZL-L
  • Measurement of fault loop impedance ZL-PE RCD mode
  • Measurement of earth resistance RE by 3p and 4p
  • Selective measurement of earth resistance clamp (3p + clamp)
  • Selective measurement of ground with two clamps
  • Measurement of soil resistivity (ρ)
  • Indicate the phase sequence
  • Measurement of RCD parameters (operating voltage range 270 V 95th ..)
  • Measurement of insulation resistance
  • Low-voltage circuit continuity and resistance
  • Measurement of light intensity
  • Analysis and recording of single-phase parameters (current measurement (True RMS), active power measurement P, reactive power Q and apparent power S, measuring voltage harmonics, THD (the first harmonic))
The device meets the requirements of
  • BS EN 61010-1:2002 (U) (General requirements for safety)
  • BS EN 61010-031:2002 (U) (detailed safety requirements)
  • BS EN 61326:2002 (U) (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • BS EN 61557-10:2002 (requirements for multi-function devices)
  • IEC 60364-6-61 / BS HD 60364-6:2007 (U) (measurements-checking)
  • IEC 60364-4-41 / BS-HD 60364-4-41:2007 (U) (measurements-shock protection)
  • BS EN 04700 (measurements-acceptance tests)